On behalf of Los Milics and the Garfinkle family, thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We have plenty to share with you in the upcoming months including rolling out our club offering in the next few weeks, as well as sending you updates on our tasting room construction progress and lodging. If you wish to be “in the know,” please provide your email below. Again, thank you for partaking in our journey and our wines! Visit us Thursday to Sunday from 11:00am – 4:00pm for a relaxing sojourn on our crush pad.


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The exploratory mindset of the state's winemakers makes Arizona a thrilling place to visit and taste right now. Pavle Milic, beverage director and co-owner of Scottsdale's FnB restaurant, embodies that exuberance at Los Milics, his new winery in Elgin. I stood with Milic among his vines, ringed by mountains, as he described his vision: the tasting room that will immerse guests in the vineyards, the guesthouses that will drink in the star-filled sky. "It will be a little suspension of reality," he said. Then we went inside, and I tasted his vibrant wines straight from the barrels—dry, flinty Grenache and lush Tempranillo—and promised myself I'd be back as soon as they opened this summer. But this time hopefully by plane.

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Karen Shimizu

Food & Wine Editor